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911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold



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2 Hours 6 Minutes 


Anthony J. Hilder 


Jeffery Friesen, Anthony J. Hilder, Victor Tory, Larry Shea 




Sir Evan Scott 




Krett Gusaraki, Gary Hoffman 






It’s not just about the murder of 3,000 people. It’s about Serial Killers in control of the U.S. Government. It’s about “CREATING” the JUSTIFICATION FOR WAR – AGAINST ISLAM. It’s about “SETTING THE STAGE” for WORLD GOVERNMENT – through WORLD WAR. It’s about opening fire upon millions of innocent people in their homes, villages and cities. It’s about the Transference of power from the People to the President, and the police. It’s about HIGH TREASON. It’s about the betrayal of every Nation and every person on Planet Earth. It’s about creating a NEO-NAZI “CASHIST SUPER STATE.” It’s about “the Plan” to reduce the population by 80%. It’s about “KILLING, CONTROLLING OR INCARCERATING” 4 out of 5 people – in the world. 911 – THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD is a film about madness, mayhem and mass murder. 911 is about the greatest “Con Job” the world has ever known. It’s about LIES, DECEPTION, CRIME, CORRUPTION, CRUELTY & THEFT as never before known in human history. It’s about Satanic Ceremonial Sacrifice. It’s about Torture. It’s about controlling the supply of Heroin. It’s about Oil. It’s about establishing a Luciferian NEW WORLD ORDER for “A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT.” This film is about an Alliance of the Legitimate Left & Right coming together – exposing an Evilarchy, who rules from the Center. It’s about hope. Did Bush have prior knowledge about the attack? Yes! The president admitted he was watching television as the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. But it wasn’t on Commercial TV. It was on “Closed Circuit CIA.” Were the Twin Towers imploded? Yes! It wasn’t by Arabs, but rather U.S. Agents who pulled the switch. Our film is about reality in the raw ferocious form. Gust Commentators: Jack McLamb, Kenn Thomas, Jim Marrs, Gary Busey, Eric Hufschmid, John Buchanan, Erskne, Will Thomas, Michael Tsarian, Erika, Former Congressman William Dannemeyer, Congressman Butch Otter, Lyndon LaRouche, Phil Berg, Ellen Mariani, Carol Brouillet, Brian McCrae, Willis Carto, Daniel Hopsicker, Dr, Bruce Winslow, GAry Richard Arnold, Dr, Stanley Monteith, Ralph Epperson, Laura Burnett, Paul Borraccio, Larry Shea, Jeff Friesen, Virginia Price, Clay Douglas, Ingri Cassel, Ian Woods, Barrie Swicker, Simon Aronowitz, Michael Ruppert, more 

Cast Members

Jim Marrs

Image of Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on 5th December 5, 1943. His father, a strict Baptist, sold structural steel for a company in St. Louis. Marrs began working as a journalist while at junior high school. After graduating from University of North Texas in 1966 he attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock.

After graduating from University of North Texas he joined the United States Army. On his release in 1968 he joined the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He served as police reporter and general assignments reporter covering stories locally, in Europe and the Middle East. After a leave of absence to serve with a Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter.

Marrs began to take an interest in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. After interviewing several members of the Dallas Police Department he became convinced him that the Warren Commission was a cover-up. Marrs continued to investigate the case and interviewed several important witnesses as well as city and county officials.

In 1976 Marrs began teaching a course about the assassination for the University of Texas at Arlington. He left the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 1980 and worked as a freelance journalist while continuing to investigate the death of Kennedy. Marrs eventually became convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald had been set up by the government and in 1989 he published Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy. Published to critical acclaim and reached the New York Times Paperback Non-Fiction Best Seller list in mid-February 1992. It also became a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK and he served as a chief consultant for both the film's screenplay and production.

Since 1980, Mr. Marrs has been a freelance writer, author and public relations consultant. He also published a rural weekly newspaper along with a monthly tourism tabloid, a cable television show and several videos.

Beginning in 1992, Mr. Marrs spent three years researching and completing a non-fiction book on a top-secret government program involving the psychic phenomenon known as remote viewing only to have it mysteriously canceled as it was going to press in the summer of 1995. Within two months, the story of military-developed remote viewing broke nationally in the Washington Post after the CIA held a press conference revealing the program but putting their own spin on psychic studies. Psi Spies is now available from JimMarrs.com.

In May, 1997, Marrs' in-depth investigation of UFOs, Alien Agenda, was published by HarperCollins. Marrs has been a featured speaker at a number of national conferences including the Annual International UFO Congress and the Annual Gulf Breeze UFO Conference. Publisher's Weekly described the book as "the most entertaining and complete overview of flying saucers and their crew in years." The paperback edition was released in mid-1998 and has since become the best-selling UFO book ever in the United States. Beginning in 2000, he began teaching a course on UFOs at the University of Texas at Arlington.

In early 2000, HarperCollins published Rule by Secrecy, which traced the hidden history that connects modern secret societies to the Ancient Mysteries. In 2003, his book The War on Freedom probed the conspiracies of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath.

Other books by Jim Marrs includes Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies (2004), Terror Conspiracy, The: Provocation, Deception and 9/11 (2006) and Rise of the Fourth Reich (2008).

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911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Jack McLamb

Image of Jack  McLamb

Jack McLamb

Jack McLamb’s association, Police & Military Against The New World Order, has a singular goal to prevent those in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom (United Nations-led) world government system.

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911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

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Stanley Monteith

Image of Stanley Monteith

Stanley Monteith

Dr. Stanley Monteith practiced orthopedic surgery in Santa Cruz for 35 years. During that time he developed a great interest in history and studied extensively, taking the time to go through the personal papers of many people who charted the course of history. He is the author of AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, and his video, The Brotherhood of Darkness, was also made into a book. In 1994 he retired to devote full time to passing on the knowledge he had gained to the American people. He chose radio as a means of disseminating the information and now currently spends 5 hours live every weekday on radio. The programs can be heard on the Internet at www.radioliberty.com.

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911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

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Michael Tsarion

Image of Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion

Born in Ireland, Michael Tsarion, an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America, has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country's ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition. His presentations on Atlantis and the origins of evil have been acclaimed by veterans in the field of paranormal research. In the tradition of Comyns Beaumont, Ignatius Donnelly, Immanuel Velikovsky, William Bramley and Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and seeks to clarify many of the quandaries that other "visitation" experts have overlooked. His book clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory. It concentrates on the orchestrated chaos of modern times and reveals how the political and military machinations of the present have their roots in the ancient past. As well as stating the problems, Michael also furnishes us with solutions to the moral and social predicaments that have beset humankind for millennia.

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911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

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